Automated Mammography QC

DD Phantom

SDNR tests can be automatically performed by MammoQC using the DD phantom in a matter of minutes. Technologists are only require to take an image.

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Push to Grid

One the exposure is taken, simply push the image to the Transfer Grid. MammoQC will automatically pick up the image and analyze it for you.

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Review Results

View your test results immediately. You can preview the phantom, selected ROI positions, physics technique data, and have all SDNR results plotted automatically.

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Automated ROI Selection.

MammoQC will automatically detect the lesion in the DD phantom and select appropriate ROIs for you.

Real-time tracking.

SDNR results are automatically tracked, sorted, and collated. A real-time graph is available, per-unit, on the dashboard where you can see how your units are performing over time.

Report generation.

Generate full reports for your units with a single click. SDNR, mAs, and Signal are all plotted along with a chart of important measurements.

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